Reasons of people cheating in relationships

Love! What love is?

There are many definitions, meanings, stories and articles you can get, about this so called ‘Love’. Well, according to me no one can tell you what love is, you will simply know it when you fall for it.

When you miss someone for no reason, when you don’t have any topic to talk about and you still want to talk to that person all day. When in every song you listen, any stuff you see, you imagine that person with it. 

Wow! Love is so wonderful feeling! It makes life so beautiful, beautiful like a new morning after heavy rain or like a new born baby’s smile. 

As humans, we have a natural desire of being loved by someone, and that’s where the desire of being in in a relationship comes. We fall in love and get in to a relationship and we feel like we are the happiest person in the world. But in every case happiness doesn’t last for long. As relationships mature couples start taking each other for granted, their conversations become more prevalent like as obvious as the I am right/ No, I am right type. Love is the main pillar of every relationship. Most people say that relationships break due to absence of love. Is that true? Or it is just because of the people, who fail to be faithful in a relationship. What can be the reason that can justify of being unfaithful? 

Well, let’s find out 


The reasons can be gap of communication, disturbance in the relation, revenge, emotional sexual dissatisfaction, lack of attention from partner, boredom etc. Experts say that a large number of time reasons differ by gender. Men and women both can have affairs outside their relation for very different reason than each other. For instance, oftentimes men feel they will never be caught by cheating their partner and so they have an extra marital affair to fulfil their needs physical relation or attention they want from opposite sex. And sometimes reason of women cheating in a relationship is to feel an emotional void. 

Well, these are not the only reasons of men and women being unfaithful to their partners. 

There are many.... Let’s see some of them,

Why Men Cheat?

  • Boredom

    Some men who are in relationship find the routine of their life tedious and dull. They easily get bored of their daily life with the same women. Such men find it easier to have another affair and feel the spark outside to be a thrilling option, instead of finding ways for charging their married life. This relationship provides them fresh experience for which they are ready to take risk.
  • Disturbance in Relation

    The disturbance in relationships creates due to regular fights, which are left unresolved because of which he continues to be unhappy and disturbed. In such case, either he can fight or can flee. When he looks for an affair, he is looking for a person with whom he can get comfortable; he can flee from dealing with the issue in the relation. It is telling oneself that a problematic relationship doesn’t affect anyone and life can continue in a parallel support.
  • Emotionally Dissatisfied

    When their partners are busy in their own lives, bringing up children or working or looking after in-laws and parents, emotionally men are left high and dry. But men also want emotional support. They just want their wives to show them that they are appreciated and also they want them to understand how hard they are trying to get things right.

    In some cases couples are not compatible so however much the wife may do, the men will find something to complain about. There may be one more reason that the women he is having affair with is his boss or co-worker, someone who praises him, compliments his efforts and looks up to him. That is another reason why it’s so critical that he feel valued at home.
  • Revenge

    One of the reasons of men cheating in relationship is their cheating partners. They take revenge by having multiple relationships. Even if their partner feel guilty and accept that they are cheating, some men continue with their tricks. And this is done by men who don’t want to forgive their partners.
  • Means for acquiring divorce:

    Sometimes men are wilfully adulterous and they use it as a means of acquiring divorce. Law considers adultery as fair ground to seek a divorce for the wife. In a non-receptive mood, the men is cheating openly, taking wife’s feelings of frustration to an all-time high. Although percentage of such cases are less, but it is there.
  • Need to be needed

    When men feel that they are not needed by their partner anymore, then they look for some other woman, who can make them feel special and understand them. As an outcome of new relation which is very obvious, they get that feeling from other woman. And when they are suddenly showered with attention, which they have not received in a very long time in their relationship. They toss their hands in the air and get deep into the new happening relationship.

Why Women Cheat?

  • Search for an emotional connection

    In an relationship having an emotional connection is very important. And when women don’t get this from her partner she feels lost. And she tries to find this emotional connection from some other person. This is one of the common reasons of women cheating in relationship.
  • Loneliness

    Women tend to have an emotional connection with their partner and are more likely to have an affair because of loneliness. When their partner doesn’t give them enough attention, they try to find that attention from someone else or accept someone else’s attention. 

    In affair women get something that she may need, want and even deserve in a way that takes as much as it gives.
  • They are confused about their feelings

    Sometimes, girls are confused about their confused about their feelings. They may love her man but due to his bad behaviour with her every time, she gets hurt and when some other guy gives her a shoulder to lean on, she falls for him. And then the confusion between those to person takes place, where she love both of them and she doesn’t want to hurt any of them.