Leader Vs. Boss. Let the Battle Begin!

‘I’m a born boss’. Sounds weird, right? 
Well, we’ve only heard people saying I’m or she’s a born leader. Ever wondered why? 
There’s a small (read huge) difference between a Boss and a Leader. And we’ve listed down a few points that differs the two.

1. First and the most obvious, A Boss bosses and Leader leads

A ‘Do this’ and ‘Come, Lets do this’ can make all the difference. 

And this is reflected in the approach a person has towards work and people. A boss assigns you work, sets a deadline and scowls at the staff until the work is done. This is the biggest reason why they’re unapproachable. If the employee is stuck at a given stage, he is too afraid to work out on the solution sitting with the boss, afraid to be yelled at or being judged in a bad light. 

boss bosses
On the other hand, a leader takes a more proactive approach to understand the skills and experience of each of its employees, coaching the staff and guiding them at each stage. Therefore, reducing the chances of the employee needing a lending hand in the future for same or similar assignments.

2. Bosses look to blame, Leaders look to fix problems

‘To err is human’. And the leaders know that. They look for solutions rather than wasting time in blaming others.

Leaders know that rather than complaining about what has been done/ or not been done, it’s better to work on rectifying the situation.

3. You may like or hate your Boss, but you cannot cease to Love your Leader

Bosses can be good or terrible, but a leader is always beyond Awesome. 
Leaders are not just your superiors or colleagues, they are your mentors. They inspire you to do better, to know your own potential and to grow not just professionally but also personally. You look upon them and want to emulate them to be a fantastic leader like them some day. They earn respect whereas a boss demands respect.

4. A Boss Stays at Bay, Leader Faces

With degrees to back them up and fancy long resume at tow, Bosses have it all to prove their credentials. But what they miss out on is, to not just pass commands but stay with the team, especially while facing a crisis.

On the contrary, leader is right there, facing the situation with its team, head on. His actions speak louder than his words and that clearly comes across. 

boss stays

5. Bosses are Distanced from the Team, Leader is Right in the Middle

A Leader is a people’s person whereas a Boss is a self person.
There is always a sort of distance between a Boss and employees, making them unapproachable. You will somehow never see him sharing a light moment with his employees. They have more important people to mingle with.

On the other hand, a Leader is completely immersed in the same environment his employees are in. You will see him sharing Lunch with them. He’s never too cold and always someone who welcomes a chat related to any work problems or issues otherwise.