3 Simple Steps to Create a Modern Digital Marketing Strategy

Let’s get to the Bottom of digital marketing strategy! Success in your marketing campaigns depends on what you do (and what you do not) in conceptualizing and executing your marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing is constantly changing and one needs to stay at par with the latest updates on the digital front.

1. Know the Pulse of Your Customer
We have reached an age where you can no longer sit back and relax thinking that your website will do the job of selling your products or services. One needs to constantly engage with people to stay on the move. It’s a two way road now. It’s not just the brochures and websites that do the talking about your product, but also about people’s comments, likes and shares on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, the list goes on. So How Do You Control What They Speak? Well, you can’t. You can only monitor it by responding to positive and more importantly negative comments in a professional manner. The Audience knows it all. They even know that no business is perfect and there will always be some people who are disappointed. What is important is how you tackle with them. Focus on your client service so that the chances of negative review diminishes.

2. Set Goals and Determine the Tools Needed
As a businessman, you have to have clear goals for yourself – sounds cliché, but it needs to be implemented correctly. For instance, if your goal is to increase your revenue by x%, you might want to channel that through increasing the traffic on your website by y%. Your next step would be to narrow down the tools that would help you reach there. Here are some of the tools that can come handy to increase your leads.

GetResponse is an automated tool that helps in effective landing page optimization. This tool automates your email marketing effort by generating high-converting sales pages; squeeze pages, video pages
Outbrain is a tool that can increase traffic to your blogs, articles, mobile optimized and video content.
Google Analytics is a great tool that offers insights you need in enhancement of sales, traffic and improvement of mobile applications.
SEMrush can help you understand how much and from which keywords your competitors are receiving traffic
Hootsuite is perfect for those looking for new ways to connect, manage and measure their social media efforts with a scalable and perceptive platform.

3. Set a Strong Foothold through your Content
As technology constantly evolves, one needs to stay updated with the latest media of content marketing. Apart from usual marketing strategies through banner ads, social media campaigns and website, Virtual Reality, Video and Mobile Marketing have emerged very strongly in the current times.

Video Marketing
Video Marketing is a growing trend these days. People prefer watching a video that conveys a message rather than reading long texts or images with a lot of content over it. Video Marketing has become a phenomena now so much that people bypass Google and instead straight look for videos on platforms like YouTube for information. Around Forty Six thousand years’ worth of video is watched in a single day on YouTube. What are the keys needed to drive your business through Video Marketing?

Creative and Authentic content works well rather than the ones that are too glossy. The art of storytelling is something that needs to be mastered to get good views

Engaging Videos that are full of calls to action do great, especially the ones that ask for comments and share

Frequency of the Videos is another factor that matters. Consistent and good quality videos on a regular basis is essential.

Mobile Marketing
With the world constantly being hooked on their mobile screens, developing websites that are mobile friendly is absolutely essential. According to research, 57% of people leave the website if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. So the chances are that if your website is not mobile friendly, you will lose out on your prospective sales.

It is also believed that mobile users have different objectives. They want concise and informative content. They engage themselves on mobile websites and applications while commuting to work, before sleeping and almost all the time. It is important for you to find out who are your target audience and when is the most likely time they use their phones for surfing or visiting various social media sites. When you provide people a good mobile experience, they begin to like and even promote your brand. Your website should be functionally optimized and your brand presence should be superior on social media channels to attain this.

Well, these are few things you can try for your upcoming digital marketing strategies. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive into Digital Marketing.