Six Ways To increase Facebook and Twitter Fans

“People don’t care about what you say, they care about what you build”- Words from Mark Zuckerberg makes a mark, don’t they? Social Media at present has become the main marketing tool for any Business or for that matter even a Person; usually referred to as - Celebrity. Every Facebook and Twitter page needs Followers. The more people will follow you, the more is the Business, the more you are known. Without quantitative followers, you may end up to be the Hare in the “Hare and the Tortoise story”. That is why you need to be perfectly prepared for the competition. You need to know, that out there, all are your competitors. Hence you yourself will have to learn the technique, to lead in the race, and thus win the race. Don’t stick regularly to the old concepts, invent and experiment your concepts. Make the world come see you.

So if you accept this fact, you need to scroll down this blog to learn the ways whereby you will lead the race and be the Winner of the Chase!

1.Your Twitter and Facebook Bio

 You may know this; that your Bio works as your face before the audience. So the more it talks about you, the more familiar face you become to them and the more interesting it is, the better it is. What your business is. Why is it? Make them question, give them answers. Let your audience feel that you are one among them, let them approach you. Don’t shy away to show who you are. Small or Big, doesn’t matter here, because you are not physically present, you are virtually communicating to the audience. So Speak with the audience, start a conversation through introduction.


2. Have a Blog

Write, write and write more. Maintain a blog. Unless and until you provide your audience with something very important, they won’t take an interest to approach to you. You necessarily do not need to write a 1000 words blog, a 300 word blog may also work as same as a 1000 word blog. You need to express. Tell them a story, make yourself the narrator and your audience as a part of the story. Involve them with your Business. Let them share with you something that they want you to write about. If that happens, you are on a right track my friend!

3. Run Contests

People love contests. They always need to win something, to get something- a reward. So you, as the Business entrepreneur need to do this. Run a contest. Simply ask them a question, take back answers. Here, the motive is not winning, nor it is about how pricey you reward them with, here the motif is the engagement. Make people talk about you to their friends and associates. Reach new heights with them. Remember, how you treat them makes them treat you the same. Karma, you know. So organise a competition. Invite everyone. Your audience, non-audience, everyone. The more people you invite, the more you get recognised!


4. Use the Trends

Don’t shy away from being trendy. Use every trend that people love. Hashtags(#), emojis, feelings, etc. Let them know that you are updated and more of a social being. Comment on the trending topics. Let them learn your thoughts about a particular topic. Expose a personality that will attract them to you. Being you is simple and easy, try being others. When you step into their boots, you truly have achieved your target!

5. Follow People

  If you want people to follow you, you need to start following them too. Keep an eye on what they like. What they want. Comment on their posts, retweet their opinions, you might get a reply, which means you will be recognised! See what they search for. Ask them if you can help them. Reach them with your page. The more people you follow, the more you get an insight over what your audience desires and requires. Once you have the requirements, you have the key. It’s simple, isn't it?

6. Keep It Simple

Have you ever observed the Facebook? It uses only two colours, White and Blue. That’s it. No more complications. When two colours can make billion people fall for it, why do you want to complicate your page? Keep it simple. Not only in the terms of colour usage, but also in presentation. Don’t exaggerate yourself. Let them feel you are the same, yet different! That’s when you will be considered. After all, no man is born special, he is moulded special!