Music Goes Digital

Music Industry especially the Rock and Metal band has emerged after 1970’s. Since then they are getting popular on a decade basis. What tickled my mind is that in this digital era how they are keeping themselves updated? Few days back I was going through a website of a famous rock band known as “Poets of the fall”. And I started exploring the websites of some of the metal bands like Metallica, Guns N Roses, and Lamb of God etc. I found that they have a digital presence on social media. And as like other businesses even these bands earn revenues through selling products. But what products do they sell? After a lot of research I came across the list of product they sell online. These products are T-shirts, CD’s, Hoodies and online tickets are some of the examples of their products.

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich identifies with about how far the computerized music industry has come subsequent to 2000 when the band propelled legitimate activity against Napster, guaranteeing that the spearheading music record sharing administration was wrongfully permitting clients to download METALLICA tracks without paying sovereignties to the gathering. Despite the fact that the case was settled out of court, 300,000 clients were banned from Napster thus and METALLICA's picture took an enormous beating according to music fans. 

Even Guns n roses came out with a digital strategy for content marketing like contents which are related to their songs example “Welcome to the Jungle” through which they tried to keep their followers engaged. In the same way every metal bands have their social media presence so as to keep their followers engaged. They provide information about their tours, about upcoming songs, videos etc. 

So my research shows metal bands works like a business enterprise as they sell their products online and so as to keep their followers engaging they do have social media presence. This has led them in earning revenues.