The Secrets of having High Performance Landing Pages

Landing page is a web page that the user lands or arrives on. It is different than a website, a blog or an article because landing pages are mostly linked to from other places and is never the home page of a website. The home page of a website have too many links and user can take different actions on that page. Whereas landing page is designed to make the user take a single specific action. Landing pages has a very simple and unique action oriented goal i.e., landing pages have only one goal?

Landing pages are of three major types. Internal website Landing page is designed for organic search results. Mostly it is been used in online marketing services to cover one of the solutions they provide, be it SEO, or Email Marketing, or Social Media Marketing. A sales landing page’s goal is to make the user click on the order button. A lead capture landing page is designed to make the user leave their name and contact information on the page.

The best landing page is the one that enhances the user experience. This will benefit you because even if the visitor doesn’t carry out the action you’d like them to, they’ll still associate your site with a good experience. This will help them remember you, thereby increasing brand awareness and making it more likely they’ll come them back in the future.

Your web page is not just about one thing, it’s diluted. It has no real focus because it’s contains almost everything. To have a specific focus, it is important to have a tight landing page strategy. Your page should focus on one or two things – no more. For those who don’t take you up on your fantastic offer, think about having a secondary offer for them in order to keep them interested in you.

Landing pages benefits by providing higher conversion rates because it focus precisely on what visitors searched for and gives more opportunities for people to link to your content. They are more specific. It aims to convert a visitor into someone who purchases a product or service, or signs up for a newsletter. Whatever the specific goal is you want that page to achieve. It will be the page that you use to convince your prospective customer that they should purchase from you or sign up with you.

Concise Content and Heading
Have a clear headline that tells it exactly how it is and spells out the benefits for the viewer. The headline, as well as the description, has to be consistent with your ad copy or email campaign. Otherwise visitors will press that back button, simple as. And a consistent message will increase response. Refer to something in the copy on the page, so that the reader just has to carry on reading. The headline should be eye-catching both in what it says and how it looks.

Have a CTA
The aim of everything on your landing page is to get your visitor to take an action. Your CTA is the strong and irresistible text that urges your viewer on to carry out your required action. And the way it’s presented – on a big, colourful button or in a big, colourful text link or image – is very important. The aim is to have something that catches the eye and makes clear what happens next. And if you have more than one thing going on your page, that CTA should stand out.

Being Trustworthy
Now a day’s people have become savvier, and building trust has become more essential because having a company that is trusted will help their mind at rest and they might prefer buying things from you. Having a security credentials in your transaction page will engender trust within the customer. Include logos to quieten any doubts your potential customer might have as to how secure their credit card or debit card details are going to be. Enable your customer to know more about your company through user’s reviews, accreditations, awards or affiliations. Adding real testimonials will help your page to be more reliable and also will be added to your credibility.

Keyword Analysis
All your efforts are in vein if your customers are not been able to find you in Google search. To drop your audience at your landing page, it is important to have a keyword analysis. Your audience might likely began their journey with a keyword search. Make certain any keywords or phrases are carried through each stage of your campaign. From search engine, to blog post, to CTA to landing page; it’s essential to the success of your landing page that it features the keyword site visitors originally searched to find your offer in the first place.

The important thing to conclude from the above is that every website landing page should have one goal- whether it is about selling something, creating brand awareness or growing leads. Your landing page should be different from your website’s homepage. Just make sure that the visitor gets the information they are looking for, otherwise, they won’t hang around.