How Psychographics of customers help in Building a Brand?

How Psychographics of customers help in Building a Brand? Psychology is a dangerous word. It begins with a word that says "Psycho" , which in ordinary people's language means "Insane" and then continues with another word "Logy", which means Logic, Logic that means the Science of Reasoning! Tough to understand, isn't it? Two contrast meaning of the same word! This actually creates "cognitive disorientation." In simple terms, "Confusion" So much to think and understand and then act upon. But wait, it's not that difficult! Don't trust me? You will.

Let us analyse some examples, where Psychology helped to build the Brand. You remember the "Airtel 4G" campaign. That girl, with cute and innocent face, repeatedly irritated us, with the same boring words- "4G", "4G", "4G'.......Huff! So much of not needed knowledge! But have you given it a thought, why in that advertisement, a Girl is the brand ambassador? I mean Airtel could have easily asked a Star Actor to come on Board and advertise their Brand, but they still went ahead and bought up an ad that featured an ordinary girl! Surprised? Don't be! It's the Psychology that goes into working. As per Psychology reports, people (*mostly men) tend to listen more to girls and abide by their suggestions, challenges and advices. Airtel uses all three components. At the beginning of the advertisement, The Girl suggests a Brand- Airtel. Then she challenges the competitor, then at last advices us (the audience) to trust the Brand. We might get irritated with her constant repetition of words, but It ends up fixing the brand name in our minds. Not necessary, that we buy the product, but we at least discuss about it, bring a conversation about the Brand or its product on the table! That's important. When people are discussing about your Brand, you know that your Brand is growing popular! And popularity leads to sales increment! So simple, right?

Psychographic studies the Customer's mind. It understands, what the Customer wants, why and at what cost? It analyses perceptions and sketches out a conclusion that brands the Brand among its customers. Psychographic in broad term may be defined as "an element of structuring the advertisement in a way that communicates with the audience, in a way that the audience understands their need for the product, in a way of visuals that demand an attention and a call for action for the Product, that leads to the increased popularity of the Brand" Didn't get it? Don't worry, let's simplify it "

Patanjali" now a renowned brand, but do you know the Brand has been into action since 2006? Obviously, NO! Because the Brand came into attention only after the "Maggie Noodles" ban. Yes. It worked with the psychology of providing a substitute product in place of the unavailable Brand. Another consideration is that Patanjali worked with the "fear response." The fear of "NO NOODLES AVAILABILITY" in the market. They understood the need of the customers for a healthy yet delicious noodles that is prepared in two minutes! Examine their ads, only mothers endorse the noodle product, you know why? Because to chain a trust in the customers, you need to pass a message through a force who can't be doubted and we Indians never doubt our mothers. Simple logic used to make a Billion! At present Patanjali is said to have a revenue of nearly 5,000 crore!

So now do you understand, why understanding customer psychology is necessary for your Brand popularization? Indeed, it's not very easy, but it's also not that difficult. To understand the Customer, learn the Customer, communicate with him, Wow him, and last but not the least love him. If you successfully understand your customer, you would probably be on this blog, as an example that the world should know!