Transform your Searches into Sales - No Tricks, Just Treats

Increasing your web traffic is already time consuming and expensive task, so why not make sure to convert each and every visitor into your customers. What if we tell you, that we have 5 tactics that you can follow to help convert your searches into sales? It does not matter if your site is an e-commerce website or a lead generation site..

Building Trust 

In today’s tech-savvy world, people are getting smarter day by day. Trust is an important aspect in the business world. So, gaining trust plays a vital role in turning your visitors into your permanent customers. Here are a few details on how you could develop trust in them.

  • You should provide your contact details throughout the site, including a telephone number and physical address.
  • You should respond faster to emails, and answer the telephone quickly and professionally which will help in promoting confidence.
  • Showing your work culture through photograph of your staff or premises on your website can also do wonders.
  • Having testimonials of your current clients/customers have a greater impact on transforming your searches into sales.

Personalize your pitch 

Let’s face it, we all like things that are custom-fit for us. Who wants to buy or sign up to something generic when you can sign up for something that is just for you?

One way to do this is to create a unique product or service for each of your customers. If you can do that, great but chances are you won’t be able to do so. You can try to customize your sale pitch by putting in unique information targeted towards each of your visitors.

Some people have seen an increase in conversion rate by up to 33% using this tactic, but it only works well with audiences who aren’t too sophisticated.

Bounded Call to Action

There are some sites which are devotedly making efforts to get their visitors hooked up. Out of these is Quora and pinterest. They have unique way of making their visitors to sign up or register on their site and the response that they have received is commendable.

After you read a few threads on Quora, they block you from reading the rest by showing you a dialog box of sign up. They know that you are already hooked because you have read a few threads, and now they can force you to register. If you have a great product, you can consider giving everyone limited access to it and block off certain parts only to registered or paid users.

Dynamic & Visitor friendly Websites

Your website‘s appearance and ease of navigation are a direct reflection of you and your company. Your product can easily make or break you. So, it is necessary to ensure that your website should be user friendly. Make sure you use most powerful keywords for your websites, use unique titles, Meta tags, use search friendly designs and navigation techniques. It will be easy for search engines and more importantly your visitors, to find their way from one of your web pages to any other via internal links. A Search engine optimized website should be fast, easy to use and will be compatible on mobile and tablet devices. Visitors coming to your website are much more likely to become customers, subscribers or loyal visitors. All of this translates into better conversions for you – more sales.

Consider Testimonials

Testimonials tell a story about your company that you can’t. A testimonial is a message from past customers to your current prospects. This helps make a sale because it inspires a sense of trust, which is an important aspect of any business relationship, as we have already explained in our previous point. If you do include testimonials, they should be in addition to copy that specifically outlines your company’s mission and services.

You can have video testimonials to let your visitors watch recorded testimonials from happy clients or customers. In a similar fashion you can also have an audio testimonials to allow them to hear and help alleviate their doubts. This will also let reassure that their purchase will be risk free.

There are many ways you can convert your searches into sales; you just have to get creative. From focusing on conversion optimization to hacking your way to growth, the possibilities are endless.