Importance of Hash Tag in Social Media

We all are an owner of a social media account even if we don’t own a bank account. As that signified our social status above our income status. And all of us have certainly encountered a hash sign followed gap-less and unrecognizable phrases and texts. It does look like some medical term to a layman who cannot follow what is written but undoubtedly it has become a catchy mode of communication and easy method to find the information with the keywords.

Evolution of #Hashtag!!

During the evolution of computer and social media, content writers used to write big blogs and phrases to make the readers understand what exactly they are trying to communicate. But slowly as the generation and technology took a progression ahead, even the written work examples took a high hop.

In 2007, Chris Messina, suggested twitter that they must start promoting hashtags and twitter for that matter had rejected the proposal but he then started using hashtags in all groups and varied topics as he found that that was quite simpler way to communicate with the crowd at large and to his surprise, all the journalist began using hashtags and following him. And hashtags were initially used by journalist to update their first news about the forest fire at San Diego. Hashtag further had a widespread and every status updates and comments and keywords has hashtag attached to the words. Twitter never imaged that the Hashtag would be a great hit and would be a big break for itself.

#Tag #Owners

Hashtags are used by every individuals around the world. But if you wish to form a #TAG of your own and be a proud owner of the same, you need to update and register your keyword tags on the website exclusively for being the owner of hashtag ie: & which also helps you to check the list if any other person owns the same hashtag or is trying to own the exam match of the tag. Once you have registered with the website by owning the hashtags, everyone is further allowed to use the hashtag but you can surely protect it by claiming it by copyrights and trademarks and other patent rights or organizing an event and informing every individuals about being a tag owner.

Help everyone Use it

Without Hashtags today’s generation doesn’t start their conversation neither end their conversation or updates. Initially people started using hashtags on twitter but sooner or later hashtags were found to be used by the journalist and internet users online and off line!

Once the Hashtag is created, every Proud owner of the same wants it to be used frequently. Don’t forget to include the patented hashtags on social media Platforms for everyone around to know and that these hashtags can be and are used for specific events.

What exactly is Hashtag?

Hashtags have been a booming tale in the 21st century. Previous generations used to refer to a one liner news or stories, and after the Hash tag emergence, it has become very easy to identify and follow up with one word events or stories. It was initiated for new stories, and now it is vigorously being used in businesses and corporates as an information life line.

Hashtag’s can be described in a phrase and label of content that helps the public and individuals on a specific topics, as all the hashtags are registered, it now acts as a helpful tool to the user to find and gather information on specific topic and can proceed with the framing of information by using hashtags to their information appropriate to their message. Despite the fact that hashtag has gotten acknowledgment and fame through twitter, it is presently fused and being utilized by a few other, matter of reality, all the social networking locales working condition, so that whoever utilizes the hashtags’ such as Facebook, LinkedIn, tumblr, pinterest and more!!

Hashtags tips for Business:

Brands are now going Cool by branding themselves with the help if hashtags and creating their impressions by using cool and catchy registered hashtags such as Levis: #LIVEIN #JEANS

See to it that when you create a hashtag for your brand or product or service, hashtags are relevant to the same field and the keywords must be apt to the brand as it would be helpful for the customers to identify and search for the product.

Hashtags shouldn’t be copied, you must create an out of the box and unique words and slogans and hashtags for your brand which is compact and descriptive. One word or hashtag must describe who you are and what you are into. And once you promote your brand with the hashtags, all your customers and related colleagues, friends and relations would also use these hashtags and tweet it online.

Find out the trending and catching hashtags and see to it that you use those appropriate hashtags for your business.

Keep a track on your unique hashtags and see to it its under working condition, so that whoever utilizes the hashtags, those keywords, it must get them to your landing page and promote your brand!

#Hashtags Are Eternal!

Everything online are eternal and hence Hashtags are no exception.

One of the most effective tools to view how long lasting is the life of a hashtag through links, tweets, photos, videos and people (influencers) across the web is basically is an arena where you find trillions of conversations that has been tweeted on twitter and published on several other social sites.


The hashtag is a pool of phrases and characters. It is a new generation technique and tool used to reach mass public, connect like-minded people, and facilitate streams of conversations!