Five ways to eradicate Employee Politics

"There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job." Remember this quote? "GOOD JOB", two words enough to take pride in for those appreciated and arouse jealousy in others. Well, how does this relate to Office politics? It does. Every employee someday dreams to be appreciated for his work or even sometimes for his presence in the office. So when one is appreciated not everyone is happy, some or even one thinks that he deserved the spot and there begins a chaos. Office politics begin at the point where individuals try to compete with themselves and end at a place where the organization is in a dilemma of which employees to trust. This does not mean that competition is unhealthy, but it means in-house competition digs hole for office politics. Office Politics is just a word that creates tension at the workplace. One when asked about the same would answer that he/she would try to avoid it, but here it can be suggested that rather than avoiding the situation, manage the situation. How often do we ever meet with one such situation where the exchange of ideas is an easy go process? Rarely! No ideas can be exchanged with one another in a very sophisticated manner. An amount of aggression while sharing thoughts and thinking, symbolizes the hard work and passion of the one who comes up with the particular idea. Now how to manage the situation is another question? Well, one side of managing this situation can be associated with the leadership qualities that the manager has to imbibe within himself. The other side, however lies with the employees. If the employees keep an eye on what the situation needs them to develop into, they can definitely make a change in the organization. So here are some points highlighted that can be practiced to manage politics happening in the office without creating chaos.


1. Always get people to stick together

As people might feel left out from a project to work on, it is crucial to maintain good team involvement. Also holding people together will work to develop team productivity, thereby avoiding unnecessary enviousness among the employees. These steps will higher the chances of the organization achieving success.

2. Encourage Communication

Encourage communication among the employees and between their leaders too. Communication helps the individuals to understand one another, thereby cutting the odds of arising conflicts or unhealthy competition in the office. Communication also enables understanding of the prospects and leads a team into making a decision, favourable to the organizational goals.

3. Cut out favouritism

Favouritism creates an unsaid biased imagery towards an employee that encourages separated groups creation and ignoring that particular one. To avoid favouritism, it is necessary that the organization allows free culture at its workplace that stimulates "Team" as responsible for all its perfect functioning and also for its drawbacks.

4. Keep it Professional

Managing politics needs a professional mind. Without a professional approach, one cannot resolve the growing politics in an organization. Thus, the leader has to keep an eye on the ongoing politics and must apply a professional solution to resolve the matter.


5.Follow a Principle Order

Listing some orders of discipline, works to keep the workplace healthy and mannered. This also motivates the employees to work in decorum, thereby maintaining a healthy relationship between each other and the organisation.

Of all above it is related to making a Culture in the organization, where no one stands as an individual but together they stand as The Organization.