How Digital Marketing influences Public Perspective?

Ask yourself that why do you search for thousands of those things that are nearly irrelevant to your need? Why has Internet become that one companion in your life without whom you can’t think to go ahead and counter with the real world? Think. Now let me tell you the answer- it’s The Digital Marketing! What is that? You will have these expression in your mind right now, but that’s not a lie. Digital marketing is one such medium of marketing that makes an impact and brings to you an offer that you can’t refuse! Digital marketing in true sense is selling everything. Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Why did it become so popular with the public? Because it was marketized digitally. It reached to people with an impact, that included personalities like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberge performing it. This is what happens with Digital Marketing. It looks carefully at the elements that excite you and drags your cursor to click on the link, thereby taking your attention.

Digital Marketing is a concept that introduced innovative marketing techniques. Why will the consumer look into buying something that he doesn’t require? Why would he look forward to spending a worth on an item that is not worth? Because the item is presented in a way that creates a requirement. Digital Marketing creates that requirement! Digital Marketing presents to us with items in a way which makes us vulnerable and precious. One good to highlight about Digital Marketing is that - It makes every consumer believe that he/she is precious and valued. Digital marketing is more about appealing with an approach.

One good example of how digital marketing influence public perspectives can be Youtube - One of the main sources of digital marketing. Here, at Facebook everything sells! Just look back at these personalities - Zakir Khan, Mithila Palkar, TVF, AIB. Who knew them before they became a Celebrity? No one. Also they didn’t come into attention because of a 100 crore movie. What they did is that they simply shared their talents to the public without tickets. And there they are - Celebrities. Why does this happen? Because Facebook makes it public! And when you are Public, you are a Celebrity! Digital Marketing aims upon creating a Brand that everyone wants to have.

Why did selfies become so popular in such a less time? Because one thing that Selfies concentrated upon was to tell the people how Self-imagery of the Self works! It became so popular that even Oxford added the word “Selfie” in its dictionary!

With lots of research and study into psychology, behavioural patterns and habits of the audience, Digital Marketing concludes points to reach the audience with an approach that will compel them to take a call! Another way that digital marketing uses to influence the perspectives of the audience is that it uses graphical representations! The more interesting is the graphic of the product, the more are the chances that the customer will buy the product! Let’s run through some great examples!


1. Look at this advertisement. Such an impactful advert. It tells audience that what they sell. Not only that, but the producers of the product guarantee the quality of the product through a subject that has already gained the trust in the audience. Here in this example it’s the tree. The product to be sold is a juice and they say that this product is as natural as any fruit that grows on a tree. So simple, so impactful.
Many would argue that this may be a print advert, but my friends, printing such fine quality costs more than creating it graphically and advertising digitally. It’s a digital ad.


2. Now look at this advertisement. It tells about the need to conserve the nature by joining hands in the nature saving and conservation program. What do you look in this ad? Two hands, one hand that looks healthy and strong (The Human Hand) and the other hand that looks weak and lifeless (The Tree Stem) When You see at such adverts, won’t you have an impact? This is what we call an Impact of the Influence

So that is how Digital marketing works. It attacks to the emotions that triggers customers’ call to action. It plays with words, with images and lots of things that are generally ignored by us. Digital marketing is a boon to advertising and marketing and yes this is also how it influence public opinions and perspectives, in a certain particular way!