5 Awesome Ways to Go Green this Diwali

Food for Thought - Are festivals a reason to celebrate or are they a cause to deteriorate environment further? It may be a little uncanny to say, but shouldn't festival foster our spiritual side rather than letting us solely be absorbed in practical celebrations? I'm not saying no to celebrate, but not at the cost of harming our Mother Earth. There are plenty of ways to have a safe and eco-friendly Diwali which can be as warm and joyful.
1. Light Diyas, Say No to Crackers


Diwali is a festival of lights. Rather than bursting crackers or lighting electric lights, opt for Diyas. They are completely natural and can be reused several times. On the contrary, crackers cause serious harm to the climate. Crackers are not only harmful for children and adults, but also pose a threat to animals / birds.

2. Make Rangoli with Flowers or Rice Flour


Kolams or Rangoli using rice paste, rice flour and flowers is a great way to go eco-friendly. These can not only let you make attractive designs but can also be used as a compost the next day. Give colours to your eco-friendly Rangoli by using turmeric or coffee powder. This is a much better option than the chemical coloured Rangoli.

3. Give Handmade Presents 


Diwali also means giving presents to others. A personalized handmade gift is much more valuable than any other gift. It adds a touch of love and will always be a possession close to the heart of the one who receives it. Natural materials can be used to make jute or cloth bag, handmade greeting card, etc.

4. Use Newspaper Wrappings/ Paper Bags for Your Gifts


Recycling newspaper to wrap your gifts is a great idea to implement. It doesn't just render a rustic appeal to the gift but also lets you avoid plastic covers. You can even use paper bags to pack your gifts. This is a great way to keep environment safe

5. Spread Smiles this Diwali


Little acts of kindness can do wonders to spread joy. Brighten up someone else's Festival too. This Diwali, share your joy with the less privileged ones. Donate sweets, books, clothes or simply spend time with the kids at orphanage or seniors at old age home.


Diwali is a magical festival. Let’s double the magic and bring in love, light and kindness – to others and also to our environment. Let’s pledge to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way.
If you have any other ideas to celebrate a Green Diwali, leave your ideas in the comments section below.