What Is SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine optimization.SEO is the process to put your website on first rank on search engine by using google algorithms SEO is process which can't guarantee you How much time your website take to come up first on search engine. There are almost 200 Factors which define by google and the web result is based on considering these factors.

SEO helps us to make our website search engine friendly as well as improve user experience.

There are two types of SEO

  • ON –Page optimization
  • OFF- Page optimization

ON Page optimization consist of elements are on within the page which is very useful for Search engine bots to crawl and index our website

Below are the important factors for ON –Page optimization and having high weight age from 200 factors

Page Title,Keyword , URL structure, Page Content,H1 ,H2 & H3 Tags,Alt_text,Bold and italic words ,Meta keywords,Meta Description ,Sitemap,Page load time,Page flow,Page theme,Internal links,Sitemap Etc .

OFF- Page optimization is all about Link building and getting Do follow link from higher rank webpages so that we can improve our rank as well Below are the ways to building linking

Blogging,Blog commenting,Backlinks,Article submission,Forum Posting,Press relase,Social bookmarking,Photo/Video/Doc sharing,Link exchange,Web Directory,Search engine submission etc .

ON-page optimization means preparing website pages search engine friendly. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. ON-page optimization includes actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

ON Page optimization Elements

  • Keywords-

    Keyword or Phrase is query that user searches on Search engine.On of the biggest mistake we can do is not choosing appropriate keywords . Ideally,if your website is related to Online courses ,so you should choose relevant keyword matching to your website service/theme/products . Ensure you place your main keyword and variations in the title tag of a page. Always ensure you target one main keyword and variations per page and don’t try and trick the search engines by optimizing multiple pages for the same keyword.For finding Right keyword we can take help of free available tools like Google keyword planner etc
  • Meta Description-

    Meta Description is an incredibly important aspect of on-page optimization. They’re the first introduction potential customers get with your brand, so it pays to get them right. Meta Description should be 156 characters and essentially a sales pitch for what the landing page is about
  • Heading Tags –

    Should put main keyword in H1 ,H2 ,H3 Tags.Its a good practice to inform Bots that these headings are important related for content
  • Page Title -

    Page Title is a title of web page .it gives user a small understating before that page loads .Placing Page title of every web page is good practice for Users as well as to Google bots.
  • URL structure –

    Having unstructured URL is very difficult for users to understand and there URL also rigid for Google bots to crawl.
  • Page Content -

    Page Content is plays king role. Let me clear one thing if your content is fresh and unique .You don’t required SEO .Google bots like Fresh and unique content. Content needs to be written primarily for users and secondly for search engines
  • Page Load time-

    Page load time is time when a user clicks and that click redirect user to specific web page.As we know on search engine users have several options .If your website takes more time in loading user will not go to your website Take a moment to analyse your site’s page speed using the Page Speed Insights tool.
  • Sitemap-

    Submit a sitemap on footer of webpage .Helps Google bot to go through with all the web pages on the website

SEO blog
The basic aim of Off Page optimization is to get other websites to link to yours so that we can get do follow link from Higher rank websites and we can improve our Website Rank .

Off Page optimization Elements

  • Blogging/ Guest Blog-

    Blog content detailed information about Topic. People often read blogs to improve there knowledge.Engageing user in our blog should be our moto .
  • Blog commenting-

    Generally, if you comment on popular blogs , you will get a link back to your website from the users reading that blog .
  • Web Directory-

    Like a Telephone Directory, There is also Web Directory. In which you can submit your website in Particular category.
  • Article submission-

    Article submission is piece if information. Article submission should content information about product/Service. Article submission should not content Advertisement about product/Service
  • Press release -

    Press release means an official announcement of a company/ product/Service . We can submit our websites to different Press release websites.