5 Simple Ways to Spread Happiness this Diwali

Every year, Diwali is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm across India. Diwali is more than, just lighting lamps and diyas. It is a day of spreading smile and happiness. It is all about celebrating the good deeds. The happiness of exchanging gifts and sweets is an amazing experience. Knowing that everyone around is so happy, makes you feel like you are in paradise. 
But in all these moments of joy and fun, we should also remember the ones, who might not have the privilege to celebrate this auspicious day with their loved ones. If you have not thought about them, then this Diwali, do try out the following few ways to spread happiness around you.

1) Visit an Orphanage
Nothing will be better than making a person happy who has not tasted the sweetest fruit of happiness. Visit an orphanage in your locality. Distribute sweets among the children. Donate some of your new or used clothes to them. Give them some books, toys etc. Spend some time with those children, speak with them, try knowing their thoughts or play with them. These little efforts, will surely make their day special and memorable.

2) Visit an Old Age Home

Visit some old age homes in your area. People who live there are left by their children. Speak with them. Comfort them so that they don't feel alone. This will surely bring some smile on their faces. You can go and spend a day with them, eat with them and talk to them. Seeing smiles on their faces will indeed melt your heart.

3) Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends

Diwali is a festival of togetherness. As the Chinese proverb says, Charity begins at home, you should first spread happiness in your family and among people who are close to you, before helping people who are living far away. In today's time bound world, where people don’t have time for their loved ones, spare some time for your family and friends, make them feel special by spending quality time with them. It will help you make a new start and make their life a lot joyous with your presence.

4) Make this Diwali Pollution-free & Animal friendly

This Diwali be more sensitive towards others. Crackers are not only harmful for nature, but also pose a serious threat to the animals and birds. It is our responsibility to ensure that these innocent creatures also have a safe Diwali. So, let's pledge to have an eco-friendly Diwali and spread happiness not only among humans but also among birds and animals.

5) Spread happiness among the workers

There are some people who work even on festivals and don't have holiday like Policemen, Traffic Police, Watchman of our building, the Road Sweepers etc. If you come across them, gift them some sweets or chocolates. This will make them feel special. It will cheer them up and make their Diwali a really happy Diwali without much effort.


So, let's bring a smile on someone's face and brighten their lives with happiness because Diwali is the time where you can exchange happiness.. for happiness.