3 Things You should know before Joining an Organization

These days internet provides so much of transparency that to know about the company’s past, present and future is much easier than ever. Doing research on the organization will allow you to assess whether the organization is right for you, and help you craft better knowledge, as you’ll be able to articulate how you’ll fit in the organization and help advance its goals. With lots of competition around, it is really tough to have a secure job. But once you've got your foot in the door for that first face-to-face interview, it is critical to have significant knowledge about a company for you to make a good impression on a potential employer. Company research is the best way to learn about the organization. It is like a secret weapon that will give you a huge advantage of knowing the future.


Knowing the mission and vision of the Company

You might have an idea of what the organization does, but you should also know why it does this work and the organization’s values. Having this key background information will allow you to explore your role and gain experience in helping the organization fulfil its mission. Make sure you at least jot down some points from the company’s website. Go to the “About Us” and “Mission Statement” sections of the site. Learn what it is that the company does and familiarize yourself with the products and/or services that is provided by that company. Some mission statements are more informative and useful than others, but many give you a glimpse of how the company wants to represent itself and its values in front of public.


Elements that sets Company apart from its Competitors

What sets a company apart from its competitors? Identify some of the company's chief competitors and research them in much the same way you've researched the company you're interviewing with. Weigh the claims this company makes against the claims of their competitors, and come to your own conclusions. What differences do you notice? Being educated in how a company is doing things differently is a great point to emphasize in your interview, particularly if the interviewer asks you what attracted you to the company.


Understanding the Company Culture & work environment

Culture and office environment is something which is very important. It should be something you must care about when selecting a company to work for and rest assured that the company will want to know if you are good fit with their culture. Today’s top companies compete with numerous others in their industry and strive to set themselves apart by offering unique products and services or by providing a different customer experience. To understand the company culture you can follow them on social media. How do employees and constituents view and engage with the organization? If the organization has events, stop by to see how they engage with their community. This kind of information goes a long way to help you determine organizational culture and how you’ll fit in.

The bottom line is, you should know important facts about the company and why you’re so intrigued. By utilizing these tips, you should be well equipped for a job interview. Remember that it’s not just about rote memorization of company trivia. The purpose of this research is for you to align yourself with their purpose as a company and to find ways in which you can contribute to their mission.