The progressive 2014 general elections in India saw social media as another battleground and Narendra Modi developed as India's Obama. Dissimilar to the ordinary methods for sending messages, recorded calls and open social events, this decision saw legislators utilizing social media to connect with their constituents more than ever. Indeed, even the individuals who were hesitant before have now get to be dynamic either out of need to stay aware of their associates or as ordered by their political party. 

Twitter as of late discharged a web journal on the 100 days of Twitter tact by Narendra Modi, with an intriguing warmth guide of tweets with geotags that had notice of his name. Here is a glance at the online networking profiles of a percentage of the prominent politicos and an endeavor to group them into different pails in view of examples of their engagement.


PM Narendra Modi, for one, has beaten the craft of utilizing social networking with nary a false step. In the initial 100 days of his being India's PM, he has included more than 2 million supporters, taking the count to 6.2 million adherents and making him the second most took after government official on the planet behind just Barack Obama. Counting the adherents on the official twitter handle of PMO, the adherent check is near to 9 million.

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Modi flawlessly keeps outside relations (wishing Nishikori on being the first Japanese and Asian male to enter US Open finals), patriot pride (wishing Sania Mirza on the blended duplicates win), connecting with youthful India on the event of Teachers' Day and offering to the world how he skilled the saree from Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. The tweet that mutual his most human side and made him appear to be more open and make his fresh out of the box new persona was obviously the selfie of him looking for his mom's endowments subsequent to winning the command.

Every politician needs a good social media nowadays. Today every second person is on social media and follows it daily. A person would not go to office one day but won’t forget to check his Facebook notifications. So rather than following the voters in their respective area, politicians prefer being on social media and make the voters follow them.

For every segmented audience there is specific social media. Like for photography there is Instagram, for business class there is LinkedIn, to tab the youth there is Facebook, there is also twitter to be connected to millions of people.

People usually forget the work done or they even don’t come to know about the work done by the respective politician. Social media give a platform to politicians to keep posting the images of work they have done. Due to this people sitting in the office also will come to know about progress in the constituency. 

Social media can make wonders. As we saw the Chief Minister Of Gujrat became the Prime Minister Of India within 9 months of his social media campaign.


“Don’t run behind the voters, let the voters follow u”

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