Effect of email marketing on consumer behavior

The email marketing is one of the powerful medium of marketing because it reached to targeted consumer without any other unwanted consumer. Email marketing is common force of communication between consumer and dealer it not only time saving at the same time it’s fast and easy to communicate too. Email marketing studies shows email marketing has larger effect on consumer behavior as it somehow manages to take consumer to website and can help to show what they have to offer by help of website link.

The research shows email marketing has grown from 11% to 25% within 5 years. It is a form of interactive or two-way communication. Email marketing is used in businesses to impact on the buying decisions of consumers. About 97 percent of businesses are using email marketing to influence and convert email recipients into buyers. This way of email marketing must be useful because, about 76 percent of subscribers have made purchases from an email marketing message as per Smith-Harmon survey.

Email marketing has increase in sales online, but also has influences purchase offline too. Few attractive deals can be printed and redeemed at the present location of the store or restaurant. Survey says that timing, relevance and personalization are email features that have influence how the customer reacts to the email marketing message.

Negative impact of Consumer Behavior

It’s always seems that email marketing can bring out negative impact on consumers. For organizations that send invaluable meaningful emails or too much of emails, consumers can be forced to press the spam button. Few consumers use spam as email from a company that they don’t want to follow from even if they have done business in past with the organization or had subscribed to gain information from that company. If the trading company sends too many emails, the client do get irritated and, instead to unsubscribe, over 55 percent of email users admit to hitting the spam click ,instead of fixing with company.

Different ways for companies know their customers

Old and new companies have fast studied that email marketing is a highly positively influence in way to reach and target customers into convertible customers. Email marketing turns it easy for businesses to mark consumer behavior by tracking in such a way that emerge when the emails are sent. For intent, a business can keep an eye on how the similar email marketing mail sent with more different people with subject lines performs by seeing how many clients have opened their email as compared to the other. Consumer behavior can also be counted with a click by rates, or how many consumers reached till the company website or social media page by viewing link in the email marketing message.

Guideline to follow:

  • Make the clean business

    Your customers may not have the time to go through whole email, but if you have a clear offer that’s front-and-center, then they can’t ignore it.
  • Create a sense of emergency

    Give customers a reason to act fast, instead of let the email be in inbox. Create a sense of urgency with your marketing in the example above; the dates of the promotion are apparent. Use active words and sentences too. For instance, “Shop now.” Or short hour sale.
  • Keep it simple

    Marketing emails does not need too many explanation. Mention the deal, tell consumers how to approach it and when the deal expires. No need for a add lot of fancy words.. In less than 45 words, the retailer sums up the deal.
  • Send the email out as early as the products comes in stock

    As soon as you have the products in stock, make the email and send it. It impact how fast and how much you’re in serious business and so you’re on top of trends and care for customers need and provide customers latest, products deal available.
  • Show clean images

    Not necessary have to get artistic way, but have to show fresh products and items. But these types of emails are more of the pictures and video link than text. It’s all about the picture. In just 17 words, get its point across
  • Emails that shows items tips should also show your promise to customer service

    . Emails which tell customers, “We’re here for you.” Go through with that email by additional contact detail