Five Ways to Celebrate Holi

How do you don’t get bored doing the same stuff again and again? Don’t you feel, to get out, explore and expand an experience of trying something new? How can celebrating anything in the same way be still called celebration? Celebration defines ‘Newness’. Each time, Celebration must be seen as a new experience. It should be a new memory every time. That gets us to asking you, how are you planning to celebrate Holi this year? The same? Usual? Nothing to add to? Well, Don’t worry here are some different ways that you can pick up to celebrate a colourful,memorable and a ‘New’ Holi

1. Using Flower petals instead of colours

Imagine flower petals used as colours in Holi. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Different flowers, the fragrances and NO HARM! Well this is not just a good idea but suits better in context. In Mathura and Vrindavan, people stick strictly to using flowers as colours in Holi. When asked for the reason behind such a celebration, they say,”Holi is a festival of Colors and these colors should not be artificial, because colors should make the Soul happy and healthy, not sad and anemic”

This explanation surely reasons why we should shift to using flowers as colors in this Holi Festival!


2. Performing on traditional songs than on DJ

You might say that “Traditionalism” is boring, but wait DJ is far more irritating. Hopping and jumping on the same beats again and again and smiling weirdly with tired faces, doesn’t define celebration. Instead dancing joyously with happy and smiling faces means Celebration. Performing traditional arts can bring in energy and more importantly what it does is that it binds together generations. Imagine everyone in your family, from the eldest to the youngest, everyone at one place celebrating happiness. How would you feel?


3. Burning Waste instead of wood

Many people reason burning wood during holi with mythological stories while others believe that, burning wood and cowdung gives out some gas that keeps away mosquitoes and other insects from us! But the doubt that arises is “How does burning wood and cowdung only for a day manages to keep dangerous insects far away for an entire year?” So why burn wood? Instead burning waste can be a better option. It is said that in the HOLI (Holy) fire, you burn your dreadful deeds and the smoke rising is the beginning of your future delightful deeds. So start by burning the waste and cleaning up the society this holi festival. How does that sound to you?


4. The Joy of Giving

Not as different, but the most beautiful way to celebrate any Festival. Joy of giving involves not only giving something materialistic to the needy, but it also involves offering emotional and moral support to everyone. Smile to each one you see, colour them with happiness and spread joy. Give what you have in abundance- Happiness, Enjoyment, Smile and Love. Make a Soul blissful and celebrate with everyone, being one. That isn’t difficult, is it?


5. Compete for POORANPOLIS

In Maharashtra, Pooranpolis are the best part of Holi. With a lot of sweet and loved poured in it, the lovely looking delicious Pooranpolis are served with abundant ghee, which defines the true heavenly delight! So make this Holi festival better by competing for more pooranpolis, the more you have, the better is the feeling of a heavenly delight. Whoever wins gets another pooranpoli! Whoever looses had already had all the delicacy. So isn’t this the best competition to compete in?