5 Innovative Ways Companies Are Changing the Workplace

In today’s modern era, where people are so much adapted to the technology, companies are focusing more on creativity. Back were the days where people use to work whole day warming the same chair and at the same place and having a typical workaholic environment to gain the productivity of the company. But as the technology developed so does the working environment around us. It is very important that your employees be happy and comfortable to increase the productivity of your company. He should not only be comfortable but also satisfied working.

“Google” being one of the leading brand have understood the secret behind it. It is famous for its perks – pool tables and bowling alleys, free food and gym memberships. Now even other companies are working on boosting environment, motivating by involving employees in creative activities and games and offering incentives that help them enjoy their jobs and feel good about themselves. Certain offices even have their own gaming zone and have classes of languages, drawing, painting and musical instruments because organisations that encourage creativity culture at a workplace are likely to have happy and motivated employees who not only are more loyal but also are more productive. Work environment have a great impact on the progress of the company.

The following are the five innovative ways companies are changing their workplace.

Nature friendly office
Who would not love to be around nature and having a pleasant atmosphere in their daily routines but many of them will be having this question in mind- Is it really possible?

So yes it is! Now it is possible to be around nature all the time. Having plants in your office is something that your employee should want to do. Scientists have discovered that it not only has physical benefits but also has psychological benefits. It helps in the reduction of illness which will also reduce the cost of absence year on year. Dust levels in the workplace can be reduced by up to 20 per cent when plants are introduced.  There are also man made toxins within an office which is created by plastics, paint, furniture, carpets, and certain cleaning products that will be reduced significantly by plants. Having plants on your office desks or cubicle will help in having a cleaner air to breathe.

Hot Desking
Hot Desking is a new craze at workplace of not having a permanent seating arrangement at office. Instead employees move around the office and sit around the place with their laptops where they are comfortable working. They can spend few hours at their desk, then move to the standing desk, corner sofa or couches or a meeting room with shared tables. Moreover it generates social office culture, a personal connection which may benefit work across the departments. It not save space but also help in cutting the cost which can be later invested in the development of the company.

Activity based working- The New Trend
Activity based Working (ABW) is the reorganization of the workplace which lets the staff to work together and be more productive using shared workspaces in the office. It is a choice of work settings, to work on different tasks. It could be working outside the office from anywhere at home to an airport lounge. ABW has succeeded to move beyond hot desking by helping in the creation of work tasks like hubs for teamwork and collaborative spaces for meetings. It helps your staff to concentrate better and active during the working hours. An ABW office would offer team desks, quiet concentration rooms, telephone booths and a meeting room. They may also have stand up meeting tables, a brainstorm area, multimedia rooms, and a lounge area and even have a stand up working stations. Global companies like Microsoft and Google have experimented with Activity Based Working.

Music Therapy
Having a soft, up-lifting music playing in the background is very essential for the office atmosphere. Music can affect emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, communication abilities, and cognitive skills. It helps in the relaxation of mind and soul and helps in refreshing your thinking power. Music in the workplace not only helps in reducing stress levels in the office but also provide mental stimulation while performing monotonous tasks. Companies like Google literally have a music jamming room at their London office whereas DROPBOX office is equipped with music studio for the employees to spend time.

Pets at work
Having pets in the office would help in de-stressing at a major level. Allowing your employees to get their pets at work reduces their worry about getting home early to feed their pets. They don’t have to worry to pay the dog walker. This helps in getting their work done on time rather than rushing home. It also generates a well-balanced life. There are many companies encouraging this culture like the Eventbrite and Airbnb. This also creates collaborative work environment. Pets are innocent creatures who helps in creating a cheerful atmosphere. Which will indirectly encourage employees to be more invested in their work as well as their colleagues.

Moreover there are many other companies using various techniques to keep their office staff happy. Airbnb gives its employees 2000$ once in a year to travel anywhere they wish to across the world. Creating a work environment that places emphasis on wellness is the key to success. For this some offices contain their personalized yoga classes which helps in maintaining good health of their workers. Certain workplaces even have a gaming tournament for developing the sporting environment.

Zynga has found a new way to reward its employees by providing free lunches or dinner, breakfast or snacks every week round. The nature of work is changing, and this is impacting where and how people work together. Managers need to better understand how to lead in this environment, and employees need to better understand how to collaborate and work effectively along with these changing environment.