Bringing Imagination to Life

We rarely steal a chance to sit back and wonder how technology has leaped in recent ages. From the first computer that weighed around 30 short tons to the portable tablets we use today, we have galloped in lightning speed. We live in an instant age and we are constantly trying to ace in every sphere of life. Right from healthcare to business, education, research, etc, use of technology is undeniable. We often neglect the benefits of technology in the simplest of things. Ability to light up a dark room, communicate with someone miles away, travel to places (including entering Jupiter’s orbit), etc; technology has helped us in remarkable ways.

One such innovation that blurs the lines between reality and imagination is Virtual Reality (VR). Experiencing an artificially created environment through sight, touch, hearing and smell lets us explore the realms of reality that we could only imagine. You can experience travelling in space while in reality you are actually walking in the living room of your house. Imagine you are fighting demons while you are just facing a wall (on a lighter note, ensure you are not too close or you might end up hurting your fist). Virtual reality has indeed revolutionized technology. Just by wearing VR headsets and wired gloves, you can witness a much amplified version of reality.

An augmented reality is created through different platforms like a computer screen or Immersive Virtual Environment, that lets the user be completely immersed in the environment. The 3D visualization component then allows one to witness lifelike experience. The high quality image scenes along with the sound system are employed in the whole VR set-up. With recent developments happening in VR Technology like the Cardboard Friendly VR Goggles that can even fit in your pocket, 360-degree Camera for shooting video by Facebook, this is just the beginning.

VR has forayed in every stream and its applications are diverse. It has taken the experience of video gaming to another level. A dream of every science fiction fan, VR is the closest to reality. Apart from gaming, there are various applications of this technology. We all know the famous quote of Benjamin Franklin - “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” The perfect example of this is Virtual Reality. VR is the best way through which you can engage a student, making learning easier and efficient. Imagine teaching history to a child and allowing them to walk-through the ancient architectures or imagine teaching them medical science and being able to explain every detail in depth. The precise and repetitive practise for medical students can help them to deal with injuries or surgeries more efficiently. The technology is of tremendous help even for military training. The setup allows to train the recruits to respond to various controlled environments, thereby improving their skills.

Another interesting usage of VR is overcoming phobias. By creating a risky or dangerous situation depending on the phobia of the user, programs can be developed to train an individual to face their fears which they otherwise wouldn’t do in reality. Applications of VR in retail too can be immensely useful. Wouldn’t it be great to see if the cupboard you have been planning to buy is a perfect fit for your room?

The Google Street View was the talk of the town when it was launched. The 360 degree view enabled us to walk through the streets of a foreign land. Imagine walking on Mars through VR. It will be quite close to a dream come true for those who wish to explore the space. Well, it is quite unlikely for us to do that in reality in the near future. But with NASA releasing panoramic Mars viewer, this dream doesn’t seem a distant reality.

VR can take your movie- watching experience to another level. Imagine not just watching the scenes, but having an impression of being in one. The VR cameras developed allow filming in all directions, creating a life-like experience.

We have come to an age where our hunger to explore new horizons has only been increasing. Technologies like VR are one of those ways that gives us a chance to touch these horizons. It opens a world of possibilities for us.

We only want to outdo ourselves each time. The question now is What Next?